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Green Shoots?

30 October 2012

As the memories of the inspiring spectacle that was the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games begin to fade, UK industry continues on its own marathon struggle to regain a sense of stability in what is an uncertain and unpredictable market place.

The latest government figures signal a modest economic upturn, but we have been here before and such green shoots come with a health warning, not to mention the unique circumstances the Games provided during the third quarter of trading.

This unpredictability manifests itself in the cautious approach to growth and a reluctance by most companies to rebuild their businesses back to their former glories pre global recession - when the term sub-prime was only known to the traders packaging up credit default swaps and collateralised debt obligations.

So how are we to respond and what plans can we make for the future? My view is that businesses that understand the volatility of their markets and remain agile; build strong relationships with their clients and employees alike; pursue modest plans for growth and possess the stamina for the long haul, will continue to prosper, even through these challenging times. A sprint to the finish line may prove to be premature in a race that has an indeterminate distance to go.

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