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The Delivery Partner

29 January 2013

In preparing this blog, I have looked back over the past year and the subjects covered including; market consolidation; the need to flex to succeed in an ever increasing demanding market place; the importance of leadership at the coal face and the need to unlock the potential of our greatest asset – people; how a winning strategy will lead to success and growth, if deployed correctly; and the positive impact the 2012 games had on the economy albeit for a limited period of time.

Moving into 2013 I see the key theme in the market place to be that of outsourcing. Due to uncertainty in the private sector and the need to rationalise the public sector many client organisations are seeing outsourcing of project services as the most viable option to progress schemes, some of which may not see the light of day if there are further setbacks with the UK economy. In return, clients are seeking a one stop-shop from the market place in the form of a ‘Delivery Partner’.

The Delivery Partner will take on a different form from client to client, as we have seen with the ODA, Crossrail and HS2, but ultimately will act as an outsourced provider, complementing the client’s internal team and providing people and discreet services against a clear scope, set of responsibilities, allocation of risk and performance criteria.

CPC has recognised and embraced this emerging requirement in the market place by forming close working relationships with a number of key partners, which collectively will provide a compelling and all-encompassing response to upcoming Delivery Partner opportunities.

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