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Project Management – A Daunting Introduction

31 May 2013

Entering the world of project management must be a daunting experience for the brightest graduates or the more experienced professionals embarking on a career change. If you Google project management you are faced with 698 million results! That‘s before you discover the numerous competing project delivery methodologies – I will not even mention the various definitions concerning programme and portfolio management.

The reality is that all methodologies are essentially variations on the same logical, and admittedly simplified, process of plan-deliver-close. It is crucial for aspiring project managers to recognise that the methodology is a guide to delivering that will provide structure and consistency, but merely following the methodology is not enough to ensure successful project delivery.

Moreover it will be the knowledge, experience, judgement, leadership and communications skills of the project manager that will determine how successfully the project is delivered. These attributes can only be learned on the job, through working closely with experienced colleagues and by taking advice and guidance from a coach or mentor along the way.


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