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A new National Centre for Project Management

27 June 2013

I attended the launch of the National Centre for Project Management in early June, which is based at the University of Hertfordshire and operates in collaboration with industry, government, 3rd sector organisations and the learned societies.

Professor Dalcher, the Director of NCPM, specialises in researching the causes of project failure. It was enlightening to see empirical data on the reasons why projects fail, most of which relate to soft issues including relationship management, trust, communication and internal politics. There was limited reference to a lack of methodology, process or procedure, the items that often consume most organisations.

It became evident that the foundation of a successful project is the leadership and soft skills of the project manager. The PM must form and manage high performing teams that are trusted and respected. Effective communication and management of expectations of the team and key stakeholders is paramount and with this working environment and behaviour in place the project is better equipped to overcome the more technical challenges encountered on a day to day basis.

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