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Energy versus the Environment

31 October 2013

CPC’s business interests in environment and energy based projects increased significantly following the acquisition of Anser Project Managers in February of this year.

Anser has a long established relationship with the Environment Agency and has been involved in a range of projects from the award winning Banbury flood alleviation scheme to the leading edge Romney Weir hydropower scheme, which provides power to Windsor Castle. Both of these projects are of national and political importance given the heavy rain and hurricane-force winds of storm St Jude this week and the on-going political debate over the impending Energy Bill.

The Government, via the Environment Agency, is acutely aware of the need to continue with schemes such as Banbury to preserve homes and businesses, allocating circa £300m per annum of its £1bn operating budget to reduce flood risk to towns and villages across the UK.

As a regulator, the EA is also grappling with the perception and associated cost of producing low carbon energy and the resurgence and political desire for nuclear energy. The EA’s new corporate strategy is to be an agency and regulator that enables progress through a more positive “Yes, if”, rather than its previous “No, because” approach.

CPC is playing its part in influencing and leading the debate in this area, with CPC’s Steve Lee a keynote speaker at the NCE’s Flood Management conference in December; and we are proud to be involved in schemes that both protect the environment and enable the generation of sustainable energy.

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