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CPC supporting Southeastern during the London Olympic Games

25 April 2012


Train operating companies are having to implement significant plans for managing the vast crowds that are expected at some stations during the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. CPC is proud to be providing Southeastern with a turnkey solution to managing the crowds at key venue stations on their network.

During the Games, in addition to the main Olympic Park venues, up to 60,000 people are expected to travel via public transport to Greenwich Park, with many more travelling at the same time to events at the North Greenwich Arena and the Royal Artillery Barracks. These venues are served by some of the oldest stations in the country and managing these crowds in many ways presents an even greater challenge than is faced at the main Olympic Park which has purpose-built, modern infrastructure.

CPC is leading a consortium of companies providing the crowd management service to Southeastern. The work encompasses creating computer models of the stations; using these to develop crowd management strategies; preparing crowd management plans (including wayfinding and signage); sharing these with relevant stakeholders; recruiting and training all the necessary staff and then delivering the service during the Games.

We are pleased to have achieved the first milestone, delivery of the initial crowd management plans to Southeastern. These plans form the basis of the station operating plans, which have been submitted to Network Rail and the Olympic Delivery Authority.

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