Health Centre Business Cases

Sandwell PCT

Health Centre Business Cases

The Trust’s Strategic Service Development Plan (SSDP) is seeking to deliver seven new health centres across the Black Country Cluster in the West Midlands.

The new centres will bring improved facilities, better services and accessibility closer to the local community.

The schemes are a mixture of LIFT and 3PD developments.

CPC Role

CPC was commissioned to support the Trust to secure the necessary investment from the Health Authority to deliver on its capital developments programme and manage and coordinate information to and from multiple stakeholders.

We developed three Strategic Outline Cases (SOCs) on behalf of Sandwell and provided advice and guidance on best practice methodology for the development of the business cases. 

We delivered a comprehensive, evidence-based appraisal of site options, sensitivity analysis for the options to demonstrate how changes in variables would impact on the preferred option; guidance on governance arrangements for the project management for the schemes; and training and knowledge transfer to the Capital Review Group (CRG) members.

As a result of the successful SOCs, CPC was appointed to plan and prepare for the next stage in the investment cycle, developing the Outline Business Cases (OBCs) and bringing the client closer to realising their strategic objectives.  

Project Overview


Project, programme & portfolio management



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Apr 2012 – Dec 2012

"We are supporting the Black Country Cluster to develop business cases and secure investment for seven new health centres across the West Midlands"

Phil Smart
Senior Consultant