Business case for new 14-19 learning provision

Carmarthenshire County Borough Council

14-19 learning provision

Carmarthenshire County Borough Council required a high-quality business case to support funding applications contained in their Strategic Outline Programme.

In particular, the Council required the development of a Full Business Case (FBC) for a radical configuration of 14-19 learning provision in the area.

The Council commissioned CPC to assist in the development of an Outline Business Case (OBC), which ultimately led to construction of a new school on the site at Bro Dinefwr.

CPC Role

Our team were appointed to deliver a business case to enable the Council to focus on tangible actions and deliverable outcomes. A radical configuration of 14-19 learning provision was to be undertaken, by reconfiguring the existing learning settings of five 11-19 secondary schools and a post 16 further education college.

We delivered a change plan which addressed the following objectives:

  1. Reduce the number of secondary schools from five to three;
  2. Create more viable learning units at the 14 – 19 phase;
  3. Reduce the number of sixth forms;
  4. Provide greater choice in learning pathways for all students;
  5. Respond to curricular change;
  6. Afford an opportunity to re-appraise Welsh language policies;
  7. Formalise the collaboration process;
  8. Enable successful trialling of the Tri-Level model of reform;
  9. Offer potential for contributing to the primary modernising programme;
  10. Reduce surplus places at secondary level;
  11. Increase partnership and collaboration between education establishments.

CPC’s work identified tangible benefits of £2.5m from the recommended option, which included construction of a new 'superschool' at Bro Dinefwr.

In April 2014, our Full Business Case (FBC) was submitted to the Welsh Government for review and, in July 2014, gained approval for £69.4M funding.

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