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Flintshire County Borough Council

Investment in Schools

Flintshire County Borough Council required a high-quality business case to support funding applications for Band A Projects in their (2011) Strategic Outline Programme.

In particular, the Council required the development of a Full Business Case (FBC) to justify cutting edge transformation proposals, particularly in the North of the County.

The Council commissioned CPC to assist in the development of an Outline Business Case for a new 11-16 ‘super school’ in the area.

CPC Role

Our team were appointed to deliver a business case for new schools in Flintshire. Our responsibilities included:

  • Prioritising educational ‘projects’, using an option appraisal approach, within an over-arching programme of schools improvement;
  • Engage with key stakeholders to ensure that the SOP was the best strategic fit for the Council;
  • Provide fully compliant ‘5 case’ business cases, for submission to Welsh Government.

We delivered a fully developed and articulated change plan which addressed the following objectives:

  1. Improving the standards of achievement in post 16 education;
  2. Widening the options available for students at post 16;
  3. Reducing unnecessary duplication of provision;
  4. Ensuring a sustainable number of schools in the right locations;
  5. Optimising resources to ensure that expenditure was utilised effectively;
  6. Reducing surplus places, and rationalising Education Assets; and
  7. Improving outcomes at Key Stage 2.

In April 2014, our Full Business Case (FBC) was submitted to the Welsh Government for review and in July 2014, gained approval for £23M funding for a new 'superschool' in the Holywell area.

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