Joint Delivery Partner – Crossrail & Stations Programme

London Underground Limited

Crossrail and Stations Programme

London Underground (LU) Crossrail & Stations Directorate is piloting new ways in which to procure high-calibre professional services.

Traditionally, procurement routes were through agencies and frameworks which could be slow, costly, rigid and inconsistent in quality and performance.

LU wanted to appoint a Joint Delivery Partner to meet capability, capacity, quality and performance demands.

CPC Role

CPC was appointed as the lead partner of a consortium with CH2MHill, EC Harris and Initiate, further strengthened by Mace as a dedicated supplier, to deliver better outcomes, improved performance, more flexibility and value for money.

CPC is providing project and programme management services to LU, deploying the right calibre of people at the right time - for the right roles, which range from the Lead Director for the consortium, to project sponsors and construction project managers to planners, transformation consultants and communications specialists.

We have a unique capability to deliver complex change, best-in-class resources and scalability in service for capability gaps as they change and evolve across the Stations Directorate’s five delivery units.

We are also delivering strategic, tactical and operational change within LU itself to support a world class delivery unit.

After the successful completion of a trial period from August 2013 to May 2014, the Joint Delivery Partner main Contract was formally signed and approved in May 2014 for a four year period.

Project Overview


Project, programme & portfolio management
Business Transformation Communications
Project Sponsor



Program Value:

£500m per annum


Aug 13 – May 18

"CPC is the lead partner of London Underground’s Joint Delivery Partner, leading a consortium of professional service companies providing a blend of key resources, integrated teams and strategic initiatives to support LU."

Matthew Botelle
JDP Lead Director