Stations Agenda for Change

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Stations Agenda for Change

The client is driving a vision to create a world class capital programme delivery team.

CPC was commissioned to undertake a review of the Capital Programmes Directorate and develop a strategic change programme to encompass people (behaviour and cultural), structures (organisational) and processes (management systems).

CPC Role

Working in close partnership with the Stations leadership team we defined key behavioural and technical competencies and in alignment with the client’s existing standards.

An innovative and effective assessment methodology was designed, trialled and implemented resulting in a programme of strategic, tactical and operational change programmes based on Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model.

Our team facilitated leadership meetings and engaged with senior executives to ensure that even as the prioritisation of change requirements evolved over time, the strategic vision was maintained throughout.

Quantitative and qualitative stakeholder analysis was conducted and staff engagement methodology such as Fisher’s Transition Curve, Diffusion of Innovations and Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory was utilised to overcome resistance to change.

The change programme resulted in a 16% improvement in staff meeting behavioural Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), a 25% improvement in key management skills and capital efficiencies from improved technical capability.

Project Overview


Project, programme & portfolio management
Organisational development


Transport & Infrastructure

Contract Value:

c. £2Bn


Oct 2010 – Sept 2013

"Our team implemented BS1100 Collaborative Business Relationships to lead, coach and mentor senior executives in creating a world class delivery team"

Andrew Shackleton
Principal Consultant