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Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is upgrading its Line 1 signalling and passenger rolling stock to Automatic Train Control (ATC).

CPC Role

CPC Systems was appointed to provide technical expertise to support delivery of a suitable solution for fitment and subsequent operation of Automatic Train Protection (ATP) on the TTC Work Car fleet. This included the development, documentation and recommendation of operational and technical solutions for progression to design.

Following completion of the initial engagement, the commission has since been extended to provide ongoing technical expertise to support production of the detailed design and integration of the selected solution with the Rolling Stock. In addition, CPC has supported the development of the operational practises, developing scenarios and eliciting the future operating rules and procedures for the Work Cars.

Commission Delivery

CPC began by facilitating a technical tri-partite workshop encompassing system experts, operators and maintainers in order to identify and define the Rolling Stock fitment options. This ensured the operational need and technical capabilities of the solution were fully understood and its constraints accounted for. Consideration of the proposed signalling system identified that CPC’s experience working with London Underground on CBTC rolling stock (Jubilee Line fleet) and radio communications networks (4 Lines Modernisation) would be of particular value through delivery of this commission.

Utilising a thorough structured technical review of all potential options for fitment and operation, a balanced view of the relative strengths and weaknesses of each proposal could be fully considered, allowing an informed selection of fitment options for progression to design and implementation.

Unique Added Value

The unique strength brought to this commission by CPC is the team’s experience working on the commissioning of ATC on London Underground Engineering Vehicles as part of the Jubilee and Northern Line Upgrades. The working knowledge of both operational and technical issues likely to be experienced at both the train fitment and system testing and commissioning stages of the upgrade were invaluable to the project design team at the front end of the design cycle, allowing potential problems to be accounted for and mitigated where possible.

CPC’s proprietary Train and Signalling Performance Assessment Tool (TaSPAT) allowed us to evaluate the performance of various solutions and select the best option to achieve TTC’s headway and runtime requirements.

CPC's technical and operational expertise identified previously unexplored potential to revise operational working practices where it was identified to be preferable to implementation of a complex technical solution.

Commission Results

As a result of CPC’s technical review and guidance, all available options for operation of Work Cars (including implementation of alternative operational approaches), the strengths and major constraints applicable to each could be objectively compared and contrasted. This allowed many options which had previously been candidates for progression to be eliminated, having been identified either to be operationally inflexible, technically too complex, or of unacceptably high risk to safety.

Aside from the thorough analysis and objective assessment of each option, CPC additionally contributed a number of lessons learned from a similar implementation on London Underground. This expertise was well-received, leading to extension of the commission to support ongoing activities relating to implementing the detailed design, defining operational procedures and assisting with the systems integration of the ATP equipment onto the Work Car Fleet.

Project Overview


Systems management


Transport & Infrastructure


2016 – 2017

"It has been an outstanding partnership that we want to continue. CPC has clearly demonstrated great expertise and a wealth of experience. CPC is held in high regard within the ATC project team and the wider TTC"

Pete Tomlin,
Project Director – ATC, ATC Department, Operations, Toronto Transit Commission