Integrated services modelling

Constantly changing community needs and ever-evolving Government policies mean public sector organisations face a regular need to overhaul their size and structure. This is being heightened further by increased focus on customer choice, coupled with severe pressure on budgets.

In many cases, the solution lies in forging more effective, integrated models for service delivery based around clearly identified goals. And we have considerable experience in helping local authorities and health organisations to achieve this.

Our approach
We work in close partnership with our clients as trusted advisors, helping them identify the most appropriate high-level operating model to meet their needs. We can then support the implementation of this model, ensuring it works as effectively as possible.

We place particular focus on ensuring every aspect of your organisation is shaped and integrated to deliver your current objectives - and not being held back by a legacy structure based on previous goals.

This chart illustrates the typical steps we go through.

Integrated Services modelling chart
See Full Chart with details of actions

In delivering this support, we’re distinctive in going to great lengths to transfer our skills and knowledge to you. This will enable you to take forward a process of regular review and improvement, ensuring your operating model continues to keep pace with your needs.

Our clients tell us they work with us because of this partnership approach, our understanding of their sector and the talent and energy of our consultants.

Our track record
We have extensive experience in helping public sector organisations achieve effective integrated operating models.

For Suffolk County Council, for example, we’ve helped develop integrated models for delivering more effective, efficient and customer-focused health and social care - particularly around re-ablement and admission prevention services.

And we’ve helped Wokingham Borough Council to integrate service models between Adult Social Care (commissioners) and Optalis (providers).

Get in touch
Could you improve your operating structure to help you reach your goals? To discuss how we can help you do so, please get in contact with your nearest office or our expert in your sector.

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Mike Hughes
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