Lean Thinking

Our Lean Thinking services help you innovate to maximise value and minimise waste.

Our approach
For us, Lean Thinking is all about helping you to focus on the right activities, in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantities – and to minimise non value adding work.

It’s much more than a set of tools. It’s a problem-solving mindset that will help you maximise flexibility, transform your operation and embrace continuous improvement. We’ll work with your team to enable you to make effective decisions over finite resources and align your services with your customers’ and communities’ needs.

In delivering these services, we work in close partnership with our clients as trusted advisors. And we take pains to transfer our skills and knowledge to you, so your improvement process becomes fully sustainable.

Our services are equally valuable for large-scale transformation projects as they are for single service reviews. We can typically complete a full Lean review and deliver quick-win achievements within a six month period – delivering you savings as quickly as possible.

A typical Lean time plan

Lean Activity Diagram

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Our track record
We’ve undertaken Lean projects with a wide range of clients, helping to attain considerable savings and performance improvements. These include:

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Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes
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What Our Clients Say

Our experience of working with CPC was first–class. They demonstrated an absolute commitment to achieving our goal. That was an invaluable asset to us as we were faced with very tight deadlines.

Llew Thomas, Schools Modernisation Manager, Carmarthen County Council