Project & development monitoring

We provide a comprehensive project and development monitoring service to investors, funders or occupiers of developments and buildings.

Our approach
We monitor project performance for compliance against predetermined investment criteria and act directly for the investor so that we are impartial from the project delivery team.  We track cost, programme, risk & quality to identify potential problems at the earliest opportunity.

We can also work alongside solicitors engaged on due diligence work associated with site purchase, purchase of existing developments and, particularly, the purchase of partially complete projects. 

Our service
A fully detailed initial appraisal report covering all aspects of the construction and development process including costs, programme, quality, contracts, professional team, and statutory consents.
When the development is underway we carefully monitor progress with regular site visits to ensure the works are being carried out in accordance with the contract documents.
We ensure that adequate contract arrangements including warranties and Bonds are in place and advise when costs can be drawn down against the fund, and on the adequacy of the remaining undrawn funds to cover the forecast cost to complete.

We will retain an involvement during the defects liability period and make inspection at the end of this period, advising when retention monies can be released.

If part of a due diligence process, we can provide an overall co-ordination role, managing the various professionals involved, and/or become involved, directly assessing viabilities, contracts and appointments, third party legal undertakings, surveys and design proposals.

We have developed excellent working relationships with many legal practices, which allow us to work hand in glove with the solicitors engaged on the due diligence process.

Our clients choose us because we are trusted advisors that successfully manage and control their investments to deliver results and maximise returns.

Track record

Our client, Barclays Bank, was providing funding for a complex and very large residential and retail development near Colchester.  We acted as Fund Representative and carried out the initial due diligence and subsequent monitoring of the scheme. 

Following the demise of the original debt funder for The National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, we were appointed to undertake due diligence, advise the client, lead the technical negotiations and act as funder representative with executive control of all procurement and project expenditure to completion of the development.

We were appointed as development monitoring surveyor for a 24,000sq ft office building on behalf of E.Piphany. We monitored all design & construction activities, advised the ingoing tenant in regard to their lease negotiations and ensured a smooth transition to the fitting out contractor for the tenant.

To discuss our project monitoring and development monitoring services further, please get in touch or speak to our expert in your sector.