Systems Management

CPC Systems is passionate about contributing to the digital revolution our transportation industry is embarking upon. We strive to support transport providers in the delivery of safe, cost effective solutions today that will support demand for generations to come.

CPC Systems is a technical based consultancy that understands first-hand the challenge faced by global transport infrastructure operators to keep up with ever increasing capacity and performance requirements driven by rapid world population growth.

We recognise the only way to meet this demand is by embracing the power of technology. Whether it be commissioning brand new high speed lines or delivering world class performance from the aging transport infrastructures of the major cities around the world, technology holds the key.

Our engineers and business professionals recognise every rail environment is unique and the deployment of off the shelf products requires a great deal of technical understanding and customisation to ensure the desired benefits are delivered.

Our proven ability to independently understand and interrogate a wide range of rail environments and their systems at both high level and protocol level, allows us to collaborate with end users and suppliers to build top down and bottom up flexible solutions which ensure the business benefit of each investment is delivered to the travelling public.

Innovation and independence is at the core of everything we do. We aim to find the solutions others cannot and this is demonstrated in the successful deployment of our propriety owned Railway Diagnostic Tool (RDT) that has been integral in the delivery of safety and reliability improvements and the introduction of a successful Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) regime across a major Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) driven mass transit infrastructure.

Whether it is increasing capacity, improving reliability, driving efficiency through CBM, or delivering a safety critical system upgrade, CPC Systems has the capability to deliver these modern solutions to meet the demands of the Digital Railway era.

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