MIPIM 2018 – Investing in Cities

Duncan Adams and I attended MIPIM this year, the largest global real estate event held in Cannes every year. Hosting over 24,000 visitors, MIPIM provided an opportunity for over 500 cities around the World to promote the benefits of investing in property and infrastructure in their region.

The UK Government was represented by over 130 local authorities and its agencies including Homes England. Such is the strategic significance of this event the Prime Minister, Theresa May, issued a letter expressing delight that “once again there is a strong UK presence at MIPIM”.

Throughout the four day event there were a wide range of presentations and debates on current issues facing the global property industry, particularly around City developments and urban living.

It seems clear that cities rather than countries are now the target for investment.

The future is for cities to increase their urban densities, work closely with their citizens and for real estate players to look at social and not just financial profit. Cities are the future for countries – they will account for 60% of the world’s population by 2030.

For the UK, Brexit and the uncertainty this brings has continued to promote much debate on the effect this could have on the UK and the wider property market, with investment and growth in key cities being more important to the UK than ever. The UK’s key cities, including London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham were keen to reiterate the fact that they remain open for business and inward investment.

MIPIM remains an important networking event for us to meet and discuss the real estate market with developers, investors, buyers, end users, potential partners and new recruits.

There is no doubt that our visibility, as one of the largest project management consultancies in the UK, is being raised in the property sector.  It is now up to us to make sure that we maximise the opportunities that MIPIM provides, on our return to the UK.

Date: 31/03/2018
Category: Steve's Blog