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Across the organisation’s Programme Management Office (PMO), the P3M3 (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) Maturity Model had been adopted but additional consultancy support was required to progress from Level 2 (repeatable) to Level 4 (management) of maturity.

Our management consultancy specialists developed a new Programme and Project Management (PPM) lifecycle based on OfWat’s Governance Framework and PPM best practice and provided accompanying “How-To” guides and templates for staff on the “OfWat way” of delivering programme and project management.

We also created a PPM self-assessment framework, with associated data capture and analysis mechanisms, providing Ofwat with a tool to make strategic decisions concerning learning and development (L&D) and targeted L&D investment.

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Our services

  • PMO Support
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Our team embraced OfWat’s SAILOR (Support, Ambition, Integrity, Learning, Ownership and Respect) values, providing an inclusive approach to staff which enabled the project to be completed on time and to budget, and leaving OfWat in the best possible shape to achieve a Level 4 rating at their next P3M3 review.

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