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Rail Systems Management

CPC Systems is the technical consultancy arm of CPC, specialising in modern railway control and train systems.  We embrace the power of technology to support rail owners and operators to deliver world class performance from their transport infrastructure.

Whether it is increasing capacity, improving reliability, delivering safety critical system upgrades or driving efficiency through Condition Based Monitoring, CPC Systems has the capability to deliver innovative solutions to meet the demands of the modern railway.  Our operators, engineers, and system integrators have a history of successfully delivering improvements to operational railways.

Recognising each rail environment is unique, our team work with every client to understand their individual requirements and use our technical understanding to provide solutions that ensure the desired benefits are achieved.

We work with existing project teams, end users and suppliers to build top down and bottom up flexible solutions that deliver business benefit through technical understanding and customisation. The team can specify requirements from first principles through to interrogating a wide range of rail environments and their systems at both high level and protocol level.

Our three core departments comprise Systems Engineering, Systems Integration Delivery and Research & Development.


Systems Engineering

Modern railways are highly complex and combine a large array of systems. These must work seamlessly with operational procedures to deliver a high quality of service to the travelling public. Careful consideration is necessary when altering the combined system to ensure other elements are not negatively impacted and the desired outcome is achieved.

CPC Systems’ Engineering and Operations team has specialists across railway disciplines: Operations, Control and Regulation, Rolling Stock, Signalling, Track, Stations, Power and Asset Management.

Our strength lies in our ability to work across the disciplines and view the railway holistically to optimise solutions and enable delivery.  Our holistic approach and the team’s experience; specifying, delivering, operating and maintaining railway systems internationally provides CPC with the capability to deliver change for our clients.

From enhancing the capacity of existing networks and maximising the performance of assets, to bringing into service new complex systems, CPC supports our clients to optimise their railways. There are a range of case studies included below that demonstrate our breadth of experience in systems engineering including: a rail service resilience review for the metro in Singapore, Capacity Improvements for the Jubilee Line tube in London, a review of capacity at Neasden Train Depot, and a systems review for the Toronto Transit Commission in relation to ATP Fitment.


Systems Integration Delivery

Advancements in information and operational technology are driving the next industrial revolution.

CPC Systems have developed a team of highly competent system integration specialists and a proven delivery model to assist clients in the implementation of these advanced systems.

We have successfully commissioned safety critical systems into a range of highly regulated operational environments and we have subject matter experts who specialise in all phases of the systems lifecycle.


Research and Development

R&D is at the heart of everything CPC Systems do, due to our innate desire to improve things and the natural curiosity that drives our team to do so.

Whether we are investigating methods to simplify data management to help our clients improve their business, or developing new devices to understand the railway, our consultants are constantly innovating and unlocking value for our colleagues and customers.

We collaborate with organisations across the industry and academia to work at the forefront of the digital railway; a selection of R&D projects we have worked on are shown below.


“Working with CPC Systems has been an outstanding partnership. CPC Systems has clearly demonstrated great expertise and a wealth of experience. Their team is held in high regard within the ATC project team and the wider TTC.”

– Pete Tomlin – ATC Project Director, Toronto Transit Commission

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